For players from other countries have a custom course in English !!!!

Travel With Three Classes

Lesson 1 ( Theoretical ) - Importance of position in the table, how to play in each blind level , which influence of his stack in the way you act , how to analyze each opponent , importance of controlling your bankroll to play safely , the influence of blinds throughout the game, how to analyze your numbers ( profit ) and their opponents through the website .


Lesson 2 ( Hand History Review ) - With the use of a software , I will review a Sit and Go tournament 6 max that I was the winner. Analyze each move , what I'm basing my decision to take each ( bet , 3bet , shove , fold , etc ... ) . This class will be very detailed and very important to understand all that is involved in the game . I'll just comment on the moves occurring on the table and the main mistakes / successes of each opponent .


Lesson 3 - You send an historic hands ( 6 max sit and go ) and I analyze your every move !


All classes are recorded and the videos will be available for 10 days for the student view !


If interested , send us an email requesting more information / prices